Events at Lac-Sainte-Marie, QC

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44 chemin de Ryanville, Lac Sainte Marie, J0X 1Z0, Quebec, Canada

Booking an event in Lac Ste Marie, Quebec, look no further than Summers Mountain House. A beautiful heritage farm site and a pristine natural setting with spectacular views of the lake and mountain, it's the ideal venue for rustic weddings, corporate events, reunions, and getaways for your booking, such as skiing, golf, and mountain biking. Summer's Mountain House is the perfect accommodation choice


44 Chemin De Ryanville

Lac Sainte-Marie, QC, Canada


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+1(613)  602-7582


Upon visiting the Summers Mountain House website, guests can find information on website terms and conditions and privacy policy, you can also review the terms and conditions of your stay. Guests can contact the property directly for more information. Additionally, the website offers a number of attractions so feel free to tour our showcases outdoor adventure activities available to guests in Québec.